CCTV installation in Dubai Offers wide range of security services to defend and safeguard your premises. We cover Homes, commercial spaces, educational properties, Government organizations, and all kind of sites with our superior and intelligent CCTV systems. We have a specialist team of highly proficient technicians  who will carefully analyze your desired security needs and will  design the accurate configuration required for your unique space.

“Prevention is better than cure” Choosing to invest on the CCTV systems will guarantee your priced possessions  immunity from crime and theft. Technological advances in the CCTV systems make sure to keep your systems with no or less maintenance and can be depended with maximum reliability. We will provide you with the most updated systems according to your convenience, one such system is the vehicle number plate recognition for car parks and your business spaces.


Our ultra modern covert and not easily detectable CCTV systems will give you the extra freedom to relax  from intruders and other malpractices. New cloud file storages allow you to store or retrieve your precious datas with ease and you can view the footage from anywhere in the world.

We CCTV installation in Dubai deliver leasing, monitoring and all types of upgrades. Our post maintenance services are a call away. We rely on your feedbacks and suggestions with 100% assurance to solve your demands quickly and responsibly. Please feel free to contact us for any of your queries.

Contact the Enhance Technical Services sales team on +971 56 263 7757 or email info@enhancesservice.com for pricing and advice, and to book an appointment with one of our experienced CCTV Technician.

We provide 24x7 maintenance & service support in Dubai,UAE

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