It is very necessary to overlook whether the swimming pools are properly maintained. This not only means to clean the water inside the pool but there are few important things that we should know. Same as we maintain the body health through diet check, the pool PH level also has to be properly monitored.

As per the standard practice, pool’s pH level should be maintained in a range of 7.4 to 7.8. In this article, we’ll find the most appropriate standards of using the pools.

What if the pool pH level is too high???

The level of pH above 7.8 has some bad effects on the pool as well as the body of swimmers. We can inspect some of the causes that affects if the pH level is high;

Swimmers needn’t wear googles all the time while they enjoy swimming and that will lead to stinging eyes and also dry skin and sticky feeling for the swimmers.

The view of the pool gets destroyed with cloudy or hazy manner of the pool which gives a bad impression for the swimmers for the pool.

Normal usage of chlorine becomes ineffective due to rise in pH level of the pools. This leads to addition of more chlorine to clean the pool which thereby destroys the economy for the maintenance of the pools thereby destroying the life of the pools.

High pH level means the water in the pool is alkaline and that leads to scale formation due to calcium deposits. Scale buildup will clog the filters and inlet & outlet pipes of the pool. This can also lead to failure of motors as well as many types of leaks to the pool.

Know-how to lower pH level

The most suitable as well as recommended method of testing the pH level is to use a pool test kit which aids in determining the acid level as well as alkalinity of the water. The best practices adopted to lower the pH level of the water in the pool is sodium bisulfite (also known as dry acid) and muriatic acid.

Steps to treat the pool with Sodium Bisulfite 

Based on initial testing take the correct amount as per the manufacturers instruction.

Since the chemical is in powdered form, spread it uniformly across the water throughout the pool.

The powder is soluble specimen which gets mixed with the water in the pool within 10 to 15 minutes.

It is appropriate method to do the test within 24 hours and wait for atleast six hours for retesting.

Steps to treat the pool with Muriatic Acid;

Since the chemical is an acid, appropriate safety measures must be adopted to protect oneself from hurts.

It is very important to read the user instructions very carefully.

One method of adding Muriatic acid to the water in the pool is to first switch off the pump and pour it slowly and steadily as to chemical to reach the bottom of the pool. Then switch on the pump so that the chemical gets dissolved appropriately.

Another way of adding the chemical is by pouring it over the return jets and letting the pump operate as usual.

Retesting must be done after six hours but should not be more than 24 hours.


Properly maintained pools helps customers to enjoy a healthy swimming. Such pools attract more and more customers that aids the management in balancing the financial support for well-balanced pools. We Enhance Facility Management Services helps in, maintaining the facilities using the most appropriate techniques that aids to keep  the facilities up to the required standard levels thereby adding pride to the owners.