The essentials of smart living in the hot climate of UAE is to have your Air Conditioning in a very good condition that provides its maximum output as per the requirement and to maintain  this one needs a trustworthy service provider for AC Servicing Dubai which is inevitable.

The city of Dubai has the most memerizing buildings built up & it is crucial to protect the well being of the residents as well as the workforce to have a cooler environment insides to protect themselves from the hotter weather outside.


The service providers are chosen based on their effective planning,implementation of the tasks and cost effectiveness.The workforce in this service industry has to be well experieced proffessionals who can deliver their services promptly as well as adamntly.

AC Servicing Dubai has to have a competitive approach towards the market so as to maintain their stability among the customers and we are the right choice in meeting up the needs of the customers.The branded supply and installation of materials as well as quality workmanship makes us the prominent AC Servicing providers in Dubai.


We provide fulltime air conditioning installation, supply, repair and maintenance in Dubai, UAE. Our very experienced workers doing all types of A/C units including central A/c, Duct split type A/C, chiller A/C, package unit A/C, wall mounted split A/C.

Resolving most of the air conditioning issues at the most cost-effective as well as on high-quality manner within the prescribed schedule of work without any delays. 

We can repair common problems that can affect your air conditioning  systems such as:

We can sort out most common A/C problems within 1 hour.

Contact the Enhance Technical Services sales team on +971 56 263 7757 or email info@enhancesservice.com for pricing and advice, and to book an appointment with one of our experienced AC Technician.

We provide 24x7 maintenance & service support in Dubai,UAE

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